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Custom Metal
Solutions From
Outside the Box

The most easy going welding,

fabrication, and sharpening shop

in Windsor-Essex County 


99% of the time,
it can be done.

You need it made, or you need it fixed.

Either way, it’s important to you.

Don’t settle for less than your great idea.

Don’t waste money buying a new replacement,

Every job, big or small, is important.

Problem solving is my passion.

My favourite thing to hear is “What can be done?” I’ve been around the block as a mold maker, mold builder, concrete pool builder, construction worker, and now custom metal worker. In every job I’ve had, and now in the business I run, one thing has always been my top priority:


Not only quality in my craft, but quality in my relationships. Nothing frustrates more than laziness and dishonesty. I learned from certain construction trades that it’s common to use lies to upsell, and easy to hide mistakes. That never sat well with me.

Your time and money are valuable and deserve respect. 

That’s why I try to be so easy going with my customers.

No matter who you are, leaving you better off than you were before we met is what gives meaning to JKD Custom.

James Digou – Owner


Get from A to B the easiest way possible

Shoot us a message or give us a call to get right down to it.

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